Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blue Watch

This is a watch I made yesterday. This one is for me. Blue has to be one of my favorite colors. I've made other watch bands using these marbelized beads from A Touch of Glass. I get them at Beverley's in Alameda, but I have yet to find a mail-order source for them where I might find other colors available. Click on the pictures for close-up views.

This watch was made with 49 twist wire. I used the clam shell half beads to cover the crimps. I still need work practicing with them. One got so mangled I had to start over with the project. Luckily, I had only just begun that side.

These watches are getting easier to make. However, I still need work on how to exactly size them for other people. I don't have a bracelet mandrall, but figured I might use a tube of stiff paper rolled up to the proper size. Maybe.

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