Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lavender Watch

This is a watch I made yesterday for a friend. Her favorite color is lavender and, although, all of the beads in this watch are not exactly lavender, they come close. I hope she likes it. Click on the pictures for a "close-up" view.

I made this watch with the 49 twist wire. Although I thought I would have more flexibility using the 19 twist wire the little crimp tubes slid all over the place. So, it seems I should stick with the 49 twist.

I still need some practice with the half open beads that cover the crimps. Once I am done there are bitty crunch marks on them from the crimping tool. I wonder if there is a way to cushion them while I'm trying to get them closed?

Once again I used the silver filled chain as a safety chain. This is more expensive, but it will not stick to the magnetic clasp. All in all, this watch worked up quickly. I got Phil, my neighbor to come over and help me select the beads. He knows what Suzie likes.

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