Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Beading Supplies

Well, I did it again. I went and bought $74 worth of stuff at FireMountainGems. Yikes. Anyway, what’s coming and the main reason for the order was that I wanted some more silver chain. Got that and why not the rest of it? Right. There’s a reason I quit drinking. I suppose it could have been worse. Anyway, I justified it all by saying to myself, “Hey, I have a job.” However, I do need to remember we also have other bills. I’ll need to get busy at PayPerPost. That’s what I’ve been using for my bead money.

Also, in the order is a knotting tool. I’ve been eyeballing them for years. Now, I’m going to have one. I also got a bunch of beads. Some gorgeous Lapis Lazuli 8.5 to 9 mm grade C round beads. I always think that is “my” color…for writing and for speaking and for the work I do spiritually. It’s the blue in the throat charka and I wanted some. It was one of the more expensive things in my order and twice I took it off only to put it back into the cart again. I really wanted them! Anyway, I took the order to 15 items and the price on the Lapis Lazulis went to $7.36 for a 16” strand.

I got some head-pins and some more magnetic clasps, some cloisonné beads and then I said I was done. As I went to checkout and signed into my account they found the shopping cart I’d had the last time I’d prepared an order. I didn’t realize that they saved them, so I’ll remember that for next time.

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