Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cloisonné and Green Bead Watch

This piece is finally ready! Clicking on each picture will enlarge them for you.

I purchased the watch face from Who Has The Time. The cloisonné beads came from Bead Inspirations in Alameda, California. The green beads came from Beverly's in Alameda.

At Bead Inspirations they recommended that I use a 49 strand twist wire which was stronger than the 7 strand twist I used when I first worked this piece. Using the 7 strand twist the bracelet broke after only a few weeks of wear at the point where it joined the watch face.

The safety chain was necessary because although the magnetic clasp is terrific, it tended to get caught on things and open up. Losing the watch became an issue. The first chain I used was an inexpensive gold plated version. That didn't work at all because it was magnetically attracted to the clasp. Not pretty. So, another trip to Bead Inspirations and they told me I needed to use a gold filled chain. Now, it hangs freely.

When I originally worked this piece up I didn't leave enough room for play between the face and where the beads began. With this version of the watch I left more jiggle room.

The lady at Bead Inspirations showed me how to use a crimp tube and a special bead to cover the crimp. I have to say, if it had not been for her great advice I don't think this watch would have turned out as nicely as it did.

This watch is for a friend and I plan on making the next one for me.

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