Sunday, May 27, 2007

Green Watch

Here's the watch I made for myself. I've worn it two days. It feels good on my wrist. Nothing pinching or catching. However, I think the crimps I used are slipping. These were not the tubes I used with the other projects, but very tiny bead like crimps. In fact, as I worked up the piece one crimp didn't make it through the squashing and squishing process with the crimping tool and I had to put a new one on. I noticed movement this morning along the strand of beading wire up at both sides of the watch face. So, I'm betting that those bitty little crimp beads have worked their way loose.

This time I used a 19 strand twist. The gave more flexibility than the 49 strand twist, but I was hoping would be strong enough. Looks like the crimps are going to give out sooner than the beading wire.

I just placed an order for more supplies at FireMountainGems. They've got a really interesting ordering process. Their stuff is all priced in a tiered system. If you buy 15 or more you get a better break. I realized that my prices were going down because it counts everything you order no matter what it is rather than 15 of any one single thing. I saved about $25 or so on the order. I decided I'll use the PayPerPost money I make on my other two sites to pay for this stuff.

PS. I ended up re-working this watch using the 49 twist wire. The crimps would not hold on the 19 twist stuff.

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