Sunday, September 23, 2007

Creative Endeavors

I just decided to expand this blog to include all the stuff I make. What I'm working on now is an Autumn Angel on blue cloth. I purchased this kit several years ago and hadn't gotten around to starting it. I'd forgotten how long it takes to just do a little bit with cross stitch, but I'm doggedly working away at it. I don't want this to be one of those projects that goes by the wayside and then I find it 15 years later still not done.

Things I'm doing with this particular project are that I counted out and identified all the pieces of floss in the kit. I punched holes with a hole punch in a piece of card stock and tied the floss into each hole with a half hitch knot. I labeled each with their coded and written color.

Then, as I began working on the project I found the only way I could keep on track was to use a green highlighter to mark off the squares I'd already worked. A couple of times I've gotten lost, but was able to correct easily enough. At least, I'm not doing her face yet, which will likely need to be just as the pattern indicates. Otherwise, the folds in her gown can go one way or another and not ruin the picture.

I'm looking forward to having this finished by Christmas. At the rate I'm going I'm going to need every minute I can spend on it between now and then.

What I've got in the works (means I haven't started yet) are a couple of purses. Right now I have a Teddy Bear tote and every time I want to find something I just can't do it. My other purse had 3 separate compartments where I had the same thing going on and it drove me mad. I figured one big bag would solve that problem, except it has not. What I'm thinking about now is a purse with little pockets all on the inside...sort of like a cargo pants purse. A place for my phone. A place for my breath mints. A place for my keys. A place for a pen and a pad of paper. All the things I can't find easily now. That should work.

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