Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Orange and Purple Watch

This is a watch I just made for a young friend. She said, "Purple and Orange". It's actually quite interesting. What I learned with it was that the safety chain I'd gotten from FireMountain gems that, at first glance, looked too entirely small to use for anything could actually be used if I stretched out the last loop with a pair of pliers. It was a very delicate operation, but I felt quite a lot better that I was going to be able to use the 5 feet worth of silver chain I bought with these watches that I'm making.

I am getting a little better at this. With this watch I began beading from the clasp to the watch and I sized it to my own wrist by temporarily anchoring everything with a crimp bead. In the past I've just plowed ahead and ended up being surprised by the fit. So, I'm making progress.

What I still need to work on are the half shell clasps covering the crimp beads. No matter how I do them (these are 4mm sizes) I still leave "tooth marks" on the beads from the crimping tool. It's not hugely noticeable, but I know it's going on and it doesn't please me. Practice? Maybe. I sure would like to use the 3mm size half shells, but they are too small to fit over the #2 crimp tubes. I've got smaller crimps, but the once I used them they didn't hold the wire at all.

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